If you are practicing using this program, have at it. But if you are preparting forms you plan to use in court to expunge a conviction, you should have a copy of your Kentucky State Police Certification handy and be familiar with it. If you don't already have a KSP certificatin click HERE and select "Steps to Obtain an Expungement Certification" to find out how to obtain one. Use of this Certification will be discussed more later in this program.

You do not need a KSP certification to expunge a case that ended without a conviction, but you still have to know the particulars of your case. Of course, you may practice with this program as many times as you wish.

This program will use simple questions to walk you through the petitions, applications and orders needed to expunge eligible convictions and charges from your criminal record.

This process should be able to handle the majority of eligible expungements. However, some may fall into a grey area, in which case you should consider contacting a lawyer or getting other outside help. For example you should consider outside help if you have more than one felony conviction and you hope to expunge both, if you have a felony drug conviction for possession, or your view of what you want to do does not square with the opinion expressed in the KSP certification. Although they are not binding on a court, KSP certifications are most often correct, and if its opinion doesn't agree with your view of the situation, it is a red flag that you may need extra help.

Let's start by getting the basics out of the way, infromation about you, and if you have one, your lawyer.